Rio, located very close to the city of Patras, situated next to the sea overlooking the Korinthian bay and the Ionian open see, is one of the main attractions of the greater area of Achaia.

Visiting Rio is like visiting neighbourhoods taken out from a story, surrounded with sweet memories of the past and what makes today so enjoyable! Rio is built on a cape, that has been for thousands of years one of the most important hubs in-between Peloponnesos and Sterea Ellada, combines with the unique bridge of Rio – Antirio, a unique and contemporary project that combines latest technology and an aesthetic of unspeakable value.

About Sports

Rio offers a variety of activities and exploration for its visitor, both in the Summer snd Winter time.

From kite-surfing to relax walks across the famous Green forest of Patra or rock climbing,

Useful Links

Kayak & Rafting at the Ladona and Erimantho rivers,
Sailing at the Sailing Club of Patras,
Scuba diving at the surrounding sea area of Patras,
Horse back-riding,
Paragliding at the Paragliding Club of Patras,
Ski & Snowboard at the Ski Centre of Helmos,
Bird Watching, at the Kalogria lagoon,
Rafting at the Evinos river,

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